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Sprachen_ciIt’s simply great when things sometimes just work.

When contracts float down into the mailbox by themselves, get done quickly and the customers pay their invoices.

In our modern society the viewpoint that you have to work hard to achieve success carries the most weight. Nothing comes from nothing and no pain no gain.

But why, really?

What if we could focus on our strengths instead of our weaknesses and only do what we can do really well and outsource everything that is difficult and annoying to people who simply have a knack for it?

Life could be so simple.

I will be trying this out for a change.

As an individual entrepreneur, I must delegate matters. I can’t do everything myself.

And somehow things work better when you have fun doing them and not constantly have to tilt at windmills.

This applies both professionally and personally.

Let’s look at translations. Unfortunately, I can ‘only’ handle five languages, with most of them of Roman origin. But in Vienna prospective customers keep asking for Russian and other Slavic languages.

Sorry, not able to. But I know someone…!

Wiblatt-080515So in future I will no longer do translations myself (I find it too boring and not very creative anyway), but forward the orders to the international translation agency NORAKtrad as attentive readers of the Wirtschaftsblatt have already noticed.

I now can offer all possible language combinations and specialist languages at the highest standards of quality.

A contract from German to Chinese? No problem.

Technical documentation from Polish to German? Nothing could be easier.

Moreover, interpreting and other language services by people who can.

All this I can now arrange for Austrian companies and so contribute to international understanding.

And the best part: it’s super easy and also a lot of fun!


Please direct your inquiries to


P.S. In addition to the cooperation with Norak, Absatzzeilen still renders all other services.

This is simply a sensible extension of my portfolio. Need a press release in Arabic? I will write it for you in German and Norak will translate it.


P.P.S. And the Norak slogan is so good, it could almost have been crafted by me:

Quality is our language.”

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At the moment this blog contains mainly posts in German language.

Thanks for your understanding!