Dichterin-mit-LorbeerAs a graduate literature scholar Mel has very high demands regarding her own texts and communication in general.

She wrote her master thesis on existentialist literature – a highly philosophical topic that deals with the meaning of life.

Language is an essential feature of mankind. What we say and write expresses what we think.

“The borders of my language are the borders of my world”, said Ludwig Wittgenstein, Viennese philosopher.

  • Languages transmit thoughts and feelings and cause reactions.
  • Speaking and writing is the step prior to action. Words become worlds.
  • Language shows the relationship or distance between us and others.
  • Freedom of speech and press are human rights that people fight hard for in many countries.
  • Words can decide about war and peace, life and death.

That’s why it is so important how we talk and write to each other (and to ourselves!)

With this awareness Mel chooses clear and positive communication – in every language.


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